An Easy Guide to LUMI’s Product Lines

For those who aren’t familiar with the businesses that LUMI involves, here is where you start. LUMI provides thousands of products selling under the 4 product lines:

From ergonomic furniture and accessories to consumer electronics, LUMI’s comprehensive product development system keeps including new products to meet the various demands of our customers.

Sounds complicated? Not at all. Let us help you to learn about the product lines in four pictures. If you want know more, don't forget to check out our showroom tour videos down below.


Promote Active Working Environment
Stay Interactive in Business

Sit-Stand desks, monitor arms or sit-stand desk converters are popular setups for the cutting-edge workplace environment. We provide a variety of sit-stand solution products equipped with professional ergonomic accessories to create the offices of tomorrow. This isn’t a claim without a fact. We have monitor arms winning iF and Red Dot Design Awards, which means customers will get the most innovative products in the market.


Ubiquitous Fame in the Industry

LUMI is a leading exporter of mounting solution products. Our R&D and manufactory capacity is second to none. From various TV mounting solutions to appliance mounting solutions, we can provide almost any mounting solution products for residential applications. From motorized TV mounts to award-winning studio TV floor stands, we keep innovating to make breakthroughs in the industry, and redefine mounting solution products.


When There is a Screen
There is a Solution

Gone are the days when people build billboards in bus stops, train stations, airports and other public space. When everything is digitalized, there is a huge demand on displays for advertising, signage and workplace applications. Even the menus are replaced by smart billboards. That’s why we developed series of pro-grade TV/AV mounting solution products to be the strong support of your business.


Legend Never Dies!

When people spend more time at home, the home entertainment plays an important role in everyday life, which means the demands on gaming equipment will go even higher. In accordance with the rising demands, we developed a new gaming product line including racing simulator cockpits, gaming desks, gaming chairs, gaming headsets and other gaming gear. Professional gamers always keep an eye on the latest gaming peripherals. So, pick up our new gaming series to catch the right eyeballs!