Founded in 2005

LUMI was founded in 2005, beginning as an Audio/Video mounting solutions business.

Currently more than 600+ Headquarters staff

With over 19 years of development and expansion, now we have over 600 employees in the company headquarter located in Ningbo, China.

Located in the port city of Ningbo, 4th largest in the world

LUMI has the logistics edge our customers need, with the ability to move product fast and affordably - product can be delivered on time and in budget.

Provides mounting solution and ergonomic products for the office, home and pro audio visual market

LUMI products fall under three specific product segments: Home, Ergo and Pro. Now, with over 19 years' experience, we've become the leading exporter of mounting solution products and a rising choice in ergonomic products.

Open Overseas Customer Service Branch Offices

In order to help you grow business while providing service and support needed, we have established localized Customer Service Centers in key geographic areas, including Hongkong, India, Australia, Canada and Germany.


OEM/ODM Market

LUMI strictly provides products for the OEM/ODM Market with the most innovative products with the best quality at competitive prices.

Professional R&D team

Our engineering team is made up of 60+ experts with over 10 years' experience in the industry who are ready to take your ideas from concept to production on time and under budget.

Quality has always been the first priority

LUMI is one of the few suppliers that has an in-house qualified UL/TUV Witness Lab. This allows all products to be tested to established standards, providing consistent product quality and performance.

Marketing Support

Our Marketing team offers our customers eye-catching marketing materials including hi-resolution photography- macro, lifestyle, renderings and videos that convert into sales. All of this comes at no or little cost to you, allowing you to focus your financial resources, time and energy on selling.



To make business more simple, reliable, and sustainable.


  • Develop market-oriented products, provide comprehensive service for international trade.
  • An industry-leading organization that brings together suppliers, customers and employees to achieve business growth and professional satisfaction.
  • Become a well-respected and established enterprise that evolves and changes with the market and customers we serve.

Core Values